Thursday, January 31, 2013

Winter Survival Hair Tips

It's the middle of winter and by now most of us are annoyed by our hair.  It's dry, flat, staticky, splitting and dull.  And that's on a good hair day!
With our furnaces cranked, there is a serious lack of moisture in the air which we can hold responsible for the dry locks and scalp.  It's easy to write off our hair for the rest of the season and resort to ponytail-ing but WAIT! we have some tips that will make managing your hair in the winter months easier - and it will even look good!

1.  Get rid of the build up. 

When your hair is dry, it's prone to product and mineral build up.  Using a clarifying or purifying shampoo, followed by a conditioning treatment, will restore your hair. 

L'oreal Professional Pure Resource shampoo

2. Replace moisture.

Starting from when your hair is still wet, you will need to put some moisture back in to maintain a hydrated head of hair.  Using a leave in conditioner will do just that and also help to avoid breakage from styling. 

L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil Milk. 
This spray will aid in detangling and add moisture without weighing hair down.  It also smells amazing!

Pureology Essential Repair Leave In Condition
With protein-rich soy milk and pure biotin, this product not only hydrates your hair, it also preserves your colour.

3.  Cut back on heat styling.
  Allowing your hair to air-dry as much as possible will help to avoid baking that residue into your cuticle and reduce damage.  Try different styles like braiding the front and then pulling the ends into a messy bun, or pull your hair up into a top knot instead of using the blowdryer and flat iron.

4. Use a bounce sheet for static.
Rub the unused sheet on your hand and then finger-comb your hair.  You can also apply it to a comb or brush before you use it to eliminate the static charge.  Just beware of using the sheet too much as it can leave your hair feeling heavy and filmy.
5. Get your hair cut frequently.
Any winter hair problems you have will always be worsened by dry, brittle ends.  Often times, a series of bad hair days is an indication that you need a hair cut, and this will occur more through the winter months.  A slight trim can work wonders and even help to grow your hair longer.

Visit us in the salon to purchase the hair products mentioned, and of course to trim up your dry ends :)

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