Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oscar Hair Winners and Losers

Imagine being a famous female celebrity and knowing that millions of people's judging eyes will be on you while you walk the red carpet at the most important awards show of the year.  You would require the perfect dress, Hollywood's best make up artist, and a hairstylist that can turn your tresses into a 'do worthy enough of winning an academy award itself.  But no pressure right??

Being in the beauty industry, we tend to be less interested in the nominees and winners of the night and solely interested in the red carpet looks!  Of course hair is our #1 priority so we've picked out the winners and losers of the big event this year.

The Winners
Reese Witherspoon using the style everyone had at the Golden Globes, but making it sooo much better!

Anne Hathaway's short hair cut looks undone yet so perfect at the same time

Jennifer Lawrence's updo is both artistic and flattering, although the pins are falling out at the bottom, it still looks beautiful

Sandra Bullock usually opts for a sleek style but this time she added a jeweled accessory for some extra bling
An updo like Naomi Watts's that combines height in the front with the sides pulled back tight is super flattering on anyone

Most likely the shortest female hair on the red carpet, Charlize Theron pulls it off with major femininity and glamour
With so many 'messy' updos on the red carpets, it's so nice to see an updo that has required precision and skill to execute. (On Lily Collins, who was absolutely the best dressed too!)

 The Losers
Amy Adams's updo was messy and ratted. It lacked shine and the back consisted of a sausage shaped bun. Very unflattering.

Melissa McCarthy's huge hairstyle just adds the wrong kind of volume to a full face.  We would love to see her with some long bangs.

Emmy Rossum chose the wrong hair accessory for this otherwise beautiful updo. 
The earrings with this updo make Kelly Rowland look too 'vertical'.  The same updo but without the bangs would have suited her better.

Overall, there was a lack of style and trend on the Oscar's red carpet this year. But with every awards show and Hollywood event, come more inspiration for us which comes in handy for the upcoming prom and wedding season :) 

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