Monday, January 21, 2013

The Other Hair Trend

The Golden Globes were over a week ago, but unfortunately for some of the female celebrities - the red carpet photos last forever.  Even more unfortunate is that there were several ladies who's hairstylist failed them!  Fallen curls, poorly done updo's, lack of volume - this is the other hair 'trend' we noticed at the awards.

 Alyssa Milano's hairstyle looks majorly flat and her curls seem to have fallen out.  The fact that it's tucked behind her ears makes the style look even more mediocre. Not worthy of a red carpet.

 Nicole Kidman's long bob appears to be partially curled, a bit flipped, and somewhat straight.  Mostly it just looks messy and not in a good way!
Perhaps Katherine McPhee's messy top knot was part of a plan to make her look less bombshell and more edgy (did you see the dress??!!).  Either way, we hope she did her own hair considering this is a 'gym' bun or a 'washing my face' bun ;)
 If only it were possible to jump into a photo and run a brush through Rosario Dawson's hair.  The curls are not flowing together and are super stringy!  She gets one point for the shine though.
 Doesn't Kerry Washington's hair remind you of a paint brush?  Terribly unflattering and with a high necked dress, it should probably worn up.
 Believe it or not, this photo of Salma Hayek is from the 2013 awards, not 1988.  The combination of the curled side bangs and the strange, frizzy wave makes her look outdated and as if she didn't even try.
Poor Adele.  Her hairstylist did a good job on the front of her hair and gave up on the back.  The traditional old hollywood beehive is much smoother and symmetrical than this mess. 

At Xcentric, the closest we get to doing red carpet hair is 'special event' hair.  Weddings, prom, parties, etc. is our chance to perform everything from glamorous to edgy updos and styles. We'll leave you with some photos of hairstyles we've done that are totally red carpet worthy!

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