Monday, January 14, 2013

Golden Globe Hair

The awards season officially started on Sunday night with the 70th annual Golden Globes.  Although the purpose of the night is to honour the very best in T.V. and film, we honestly just care what the women wore and how they did their HAIR! 

This year's red carpet hair definitely had a theme.  Is it just as bad to show up with the exact same hairstyle as everyone as it would be to be wearing the same dress?  The look for about half the ladies at the GG's was parted on the side and wavy.  Some styles were more retro with one side pulled back behind the ear, while others were modern with a softer wave.  Who wore it best??

Connie Britton wears the style with very loose waves

Tina Fey's side bang gives a modern look to the waves

The hairstyle on Isla Fisher, with subtle makeup, makes her look young and fresh

Did anyone really even look at JLO from the neck up? Haha

Rachel Weisz's big curls were a little messy but effective in giving her a retro look

As beautiful as Heidi Klum's style was, her bad stripey hilites kind of ruined the look

Kelly Osborne rocking the pastel purple hair.  Only she can pull off glam and punk together.

Jessica Alba's gorgeous ombre colour suits the waves (and I spy extensions).

Nicole Richie looks great with her golden locks in huge waves and combed off her face.

As you can see, the side part retro waves style is super flattering and feminine on everyone,  and variations of the look will be very popular this spring/summer for prom and weddings.  With many awards shows and red carpet events ahead of us in 2013, it will be interesting to see if this hairstyle remains popular with celebrities!

Check back later in the week for a post about the rest of the hairstyles at the Golden Globes!

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