Friday, January 11, 2013

1 Year Anniversary!

 January 11, 2013 marks the 1 year anniversary of Xcentric's new location.  Although we didn't move far (a few blocks down and around the corner), the new location has become a fresh start for us and a positive, motivating change. 

If you've been to our previous location and seen our new spot as well, then you can probably imagine why we moved.  There is really no comparison as far as the space itself, and with the combination of the aging building and question of it even existing in a few years, Lisa jumped at the chance to own the new commercial unit in the 42 Loft .  Considering the business was taken over by her from a previous owner, this was her chance to make it all her own.

With the help of award winning salon designer Sandra from Fiore + Greco Design Inc. , Lisa created a modern space that is unique to the city in the 'eco-chic' building. 

Outside of the building, from Peppler St.

The view from, and into the waiting area
Custom made light fixtures and ottoman
The use of mirrors, light colours and mixed metals gives the space an open 'lofty' feel
Adjustable sinks with foot rests

 The past year has flown by in our new location!  We have grown as a team and become more motivated than ever, being surrounded by such beautiful design and atmosphere.  We thank all of our clients for joining us here and always welcome new clients to come check us out too.

Happy New Year!