Saturday, March 9, 2013


Over the past couple of years, the ombre hair trend has made a huge impact.  Imagine being able to enjoy hilites, an array of tones and dimension in your hair while not having to worry about your roots coming in!  Obviously this is part of the reason for it's popularity, but it's also just so darn beautiful. 

A typical ombre effect shows darker roots and lighter ends which we've been seeing for a few years on Victoria's Secret models and other celebrities.

 Ombre can look good on any colour of hair.  Whether you're blonde or brunette, conservative or edgy, it's a technique that can incorporate any tone as long as it fades nicely from dark to light. 

Benefits of ombre colour:

-the dark roots are intentional so you don't have to worry about touching up your colour as often

-enjoy having multiple colours in your hair without a stripey or chunky appearance

-instantly gives you a stylish look without any styling required

-with ombre it's acceptable to have messy hair because it suits the look ;)

-greasy hair doesn't show up as much with dark roots

-all your friends will be jealous because you have celebrity hair!

One thing about performing the ombre technique is that each process is a little different, depending on what each client comes in with.  Blondes can expect to go a little darker at the root and have longer roots created, while brunettes usually receive hilights on the ends and around the face. 

Feel free to come by for a consulation if it's something you're thinking of trying!
Some of our favourite ombre colours that we've done at Xcentric Hair Studio are shown below.

P.s. This awesome violet ombre was done this week by Wendy and is the perfect combination of the ombre trend and the pastel trend.  Pretty much a way better version of Kelly Osborne hair ;)


  1. I don't usually prefer the ombre look, but you guys make it look so natural!!

  2. I'm coming in for ombre there next week!! I'm so excited!