Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Celebrity Hair: The Truth

Most of the time when clients bring a photo into the salon of a hairstyle or colour they want to achieve, it's a celebrity's pic.  As hairstylists, we love when our clients bring in some visuals of what they're after for their own look and celebrities tend to have the very best hair!
But....their hair is often shrouded in mystery, in the form of extensions, wigs, hair pieces and sometimes their hair is even airbrushed in print to change the colour or add fullness. 

What does this high level of hair fraud mean to us regular women?  We can feel better about our own hair (or lack of) because seriously, throw some clip-ins on or a lace front and we're suddenly just as luscious in the locks department as Lindsay Lohan (no thank you).

Let's investigate:

 Jennifer Lopez
Without extensions and with them...enough said.

This haircut on Nicole Richie was very popular when she first showed up on the red carpet with it years ago.  I guess her hair couldn't handle all the bleaching to get her that blonde because she's actually wearing hair extensions here.  Yes, even with that short of hair cut!  Could you imagine what it looks like without them? If you look closely, you can see beading at the root of her hair.  Thats where the fake hair is fused to her own, even in her bangs.

Here's another highly sought after celebrity haircut.  This was from when bangs were at the height of popularity a few years ago, and these were the bangs to have!  The rest of Reese's hair, however, is a mix of real and fake.  The lighter sections on the bottom are likely clip in extensions and you can see the darker, shorter, fuzzier piece of hair falling alongside her neck which is definitely the real deal.

Going back to the days when the angled bob was worn by about a third of the female population, one of the biggest complaints was that there was simply not enough fullness around the front to acheive a solid angle.  Victoria Beckham has that problem solved with the addition of extensions just around the face.  You can tell by the bluntness of the ends and the mis-matched colour that it's not natural.

Here is a dead give-away that someone is wearing extensions  (and these are the REALLY expensive ones that are fused to the root, tiny section by tiny section).  The stringy ends just scream 'i don't grow out of the scalp!!!' and in fact, you can see how each section is individual.  Blake Lively usually has a wonderful head of hair, but this set of falsies is not ok.

Some celebrities look really unbe-weave-able with their hair augmentations but some actually need it to fix past hair mistakes or fill in holes. Acting/singing talent doesn't mean they were also born with perfect locks so like other tweaks and procedures they have done, their hair is no exception.